(۲) Vikings

(۲) Vikings

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(۲) Vikings

: Transcript

?What if your God does not exist

?My dear friend, what are you talking about

?Your God, my gods, what if they don’t exist

.Well, if God or the gods don’t exist, then nothing has meaning

.Or everything has meaning

?What on Earth does that mean

?Why do you need your God

.Well, if there were no gods, then anyone could do anything, and nothing would matter You could do as you liked and nothing would be real and nothing would have meaning or value .So, even if the gods don’t exist, it’s still necessary to have them

.If they don’t exist, then they don’t exist .We have to live with it

.Ah, yes, but you don’t .You don’t live with it .You only think of death .You only think of Valhalla

And all you think about is heaven! Which seems like a ridiculous place, where everybody is always happy

Valhalla is ridiculous! All the dead warriors get to fight again in the courtyard each morning, – and kill each other again.And then they all have supper together

.Then they are both ridiculous

.Athelstan Was a man of God

.And now he is dead

.Tell me what happened

.Floki killed him

.So your gods killed him

.No, Floki killed him out of jealousy .Because I loved Athelstan more than him

I was jealous, too.When he chose to go back with you, felt his loss grievously, as if he’d torn part of myself away from myself

.He left because he loved me more

.Well, then You should have protected him

.He didn’t need protecting

?What does that mean

.We needed him .He never needed us

.If he’d stayed here with me, he’d still be alive

.He had enemies here also

He belonged here with me I would have protected him

.Who are you to say where he belonged? He chose to be with me .He chose his path and that was with me .I am not to blame

.Now who’s the one who’s not being honest? Tell me this ?Do you think he is with your gods or with mine

.It does not matter.His death is on my conscience, not yours

.And yours will be on mine

.Even so You have to kill me

vikingsLanguage Focus

exist to be real or alive

?Do fairies really exist .Tom acts as if I don’t exist at times

What on earth ?…..what/why/how etc on earth used to ask a question when you are very surprised or angry

?What on earth did you do that for

Valhalla in Norse mythology, a place in Asgard, the Norse heaven, to which the souls of those who died bravely in battle are taken by the valkyries

Ridiculous very silly or unreasonable

!That’s a ridiculous idea !Don’t be ridiculous .I’d look ridiculous in a dress like that

Grievously very serious and causing great pain or suffering

a grievous shortage of hospital beds grievously (adverb): He was grievously hurt by their betrayal

Belong if something belongs somewhere, that is the right place or situation for it

.Put the chair back where it belongs

Matter to be important, especially to be important to you, or to have an effect on what happens it doesn’t etc matter if

?Will it matter if I’m a little late .If I have to stay late at work tonight, it won’t matter because we can go out another night

Conscience the part of your mind that tells you whether what you are doing is morally right or wrong a guilty/troubled conscience

.It was his guilty conscience that made him offer to help

.he bears are eventually released into the wild

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