Verbs warm-up – part 4

Verbs warm-up part 4

Verbs warm-up – part 4

Which everyday English phrase means the same as the more formal verb in CAPITALS at the end of the sentence

be left get worse make sb angry don’t like have to do with work together get in touch with get ready


N1. We are ________ to celebrate mum’s 70th birthday. PREPARE

N2. Now, only a few buildings __________ standing in the village. REMAIN

N3. We’ve been __________ on a new book. COLLABORATE

N4. She really ___________ being criticized. DISLIKE

N5. An old school friend _________ me last week. CONTACT

N6. He’s in a bad mood, so try not to ________. ANGER

N7. The situation is likely to __________ before it gets better. DETERIORATE

N8. My question __________ the cost of the project. RELATE TO


: Answers

N1. Getting ready N2. Are left N3. Working together N4. Doesn’t like N5. Got in touch with N6. Make him angry N7. Get worse N8. Has to do with

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