Verbs warm-up – part 2

Verbs warm-up part 2

Verbs warm-up – part 2

Which everyday English word means the same as the more formal verb in CAPITALS at the end of the sentence

N1. We need to __________ our holiday plans. DISCUSS

N2. He __________ show proof of who he was. BE OBLIGED TO

N3. I’ll __________ them and tell them we’re going to be late. TELEPHONE

N4. At school he soon __________ a reputation for being tough. ACQUIRE

N5. Officials __________ that the documents were genuine. VERIFY

N6. Something interesting __________ this morning. OCCUR

N7. Not many people __________ these high parts of the mountains. INHABIT

N8. We watched the train slowly __________ into the station. DRAW

: Answers

N1. talk about N2. had to N3. call N4. got N5. checked N6. happened N7. live in N8. pull

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