جهت تقویت مهارت شنیداری و گسترده‌ کردن دایره لغات، در برنامه Afarinesh ShowTime قسمتهایی از فیلم و سریالهای روز را با هم میبینیم و در ادامه ترنسکریپت و توضیحات آن را مشاهده خواهیم کرد :


.Gerald Tate’s here
.He wants to know what’s happening to his deal
.Go get Harvey

.I check
.I’m all in
.You can pay me later
.I’ve got to go

?I’m paying you millions and you’re telling me I’m going to get screwed
?Jessica, have I come at a bad time
.Gerald, this is Harvey Specter.He’s our best closer
?Well, if you’re the best closer, where the hell have you been for the last three hours
Well, Gerald, I specialize in troubled situations, and when I left here at 7:00 p.m. this deal wasn’t in jeopardy.So, I’m just trying to figure out what happened in the interim
.We keep offering more money.They keep rejecting it.It’s last-minute bad faith bullshit
.It says here that Cooper won’t be staying on as honorary Vice President
.That’s right.I don’t want him around
.He wouldn’t be around.It’s an honorary position
.I don’t give a shit
Well, I think you do, because that’s what’s changed since I left, which means it’s you who’s been dealing in bad faith
Well, now that you’ve got a grasp on what’s happened in the goddamn interim, what are you going to do about it? Because he’s not getting that title
Well, let me make sure I understand this, okay? We negotiated a deal that gave you everything you wanted.Mr.Cooper signed it.And now, you won’t close until we take away the last shred of his dignity
.Well, that’s not going to happen
?And why the hell not
.Because I like Mr.Cooper and my firm doesn’t operate in bad faith
.Oh, I see how it is. Instead of working Cooper, you’re working me.Or I’ll pay someone else your money to do it for me
.First of all, Gerald, if you think anyone is going to touch this deal after your bad faith, you’re mistaken
Second, the way our agreement works is the minute Cooper signed the deal which gave you everything you wanted, our fee was due and payable which is why, at 7:30, I received confirmation of a wire transfer from escrow indicating payment in full
.So, I’d say the ball’s in your court, but the truth is, your balls are in my fist
Now, I apologize if that image is too pansy for you, but I’m comfortable enough with my manhood to put it out there
.Now, get your ……. in there and close the goddamn deal
?You let him talk to me like this
.Harvey speaks for the firm
?We got paid before Gerald signed the deal
.What are you talking about? This is a memo about some fire drill on Tuesday
.You’re the blue team captain.You get to wear a fire hat

?Time’s up.Pencils down.Excuse me.Do I know you from somewhere
.I don’t think so.I have a pretty good memory for faces
.So do I
.I’ve got it
.Hey.Hey! Stop! You in the cap.Hey.Get back here
.Come on, man

?What did you get me
.What I said I was going to get you.A 158
.I told you I wanted a 175
.And I told you only one out of 100 people can score that
.You’re a B- student.You got a 1,000 on your SATs.If I get you a 175, they’ll know you cheated
?So, only a genius loser can get a 175
.Actually, no .I would get a 180
.Now, can I have my money, please? Whoa.This is only half
?Then why don’t you go call the police

.I’ve got to get my shit together
.This is the best cheeseburger I’ve had in my life
.It’s from Monday, Trevor
.Look, man, I’m serious
.I almost got caught today
.I’ve got to stop getting stoned
.I’ve got to get my act together
.Dude, look at me
.You can burn bud and still be a success
.You sell pot for a living
.It still saps the motivation
.All I’m saying is, you want in, you are in
.You know, that is word for word your offer before I got caught cheating on your math test in the third grade
.Goddamn memory
.Look, no one’s going to suspect you’re a dealer
.I mean, look at me
.This is a $2,000 suit, Mike
.I’ve got, like, I take on real software projects
.I have clients who bring me briefcases filled with cash, and I hand them identical briefcases with vacuum-sealed bud
?What do you need me for
.Well, I have a client coming in from out of town and I can’t meet him, and I need someone I can trust to make the drop
.It’s totally safe
.Trevor, a person is more likely to die while dealing drugs than they would be on death row
.In Texas
?Wait, what are you talking about
It’s from Freakonomics.Do you read anything that I give you? It doesn’t matter, because you have to find somebody else.I’m not interested
?Not interested in what
.What are you doing here? You said you were going to stay at your place tonight
.Hi, sweetie.What a pleasant surprise.I’m so glad you stopped by
.No, we’re in the middle of something
?What are you in the middle of
.Trevor’s trying to set me up
.That’s terrific
?Uh, who’s the lucky girl
.I’m trying to get him to work for me
.That’s a great idea
.It will take some stress off Trevor, and you’ll pick up writing code like you do everything else
.All right
.I’ve got to go
.I’ve got to get up early to see my grandmother and pay them another month

?How did you know Gerald wouldn’t look at that memo
.Because a charging bull always looks at the red cape, not at the man with the sword
.By the way, I’ve set up a meeting for you and John Dockery next week
.Dockery? He’s Skadden’s biggest client
.Not anymore


Language Focus

Check: in poker
When one checks, they do not have to put anything into the pot unless they are playing in a game

Raise : in poker

A poker betting structure in which you can only bet and raise in predetermined increments. When a player sees a card they were not supposed to see. When a player just calls in a situation where they could have raised. Making a play on the flop to take down the pot on the turn

I’m all in : in poker

In card games, especially poker, be out of money, as in I’m finished for the night; I’m all in. It refers to having put all of one’s money in the pot

Get screwed
to get cheated

.I really got screwed on that last deal

In jeopardy
in a situation in which someone or something is exposed to possible injury, loss, or evil

.in danger He is responsible for placing innocent lives in jeopardy

Figure out
to understand or solve something

the intervening time

in the interim I’ll just keep my fingers crossed

conferred as an honour, without the usual requirements or functions

an honorary doctorate

In faith
indeed; really

get a grasp on sth
To attain a firm, clear understanding or determination of something

shred of dignity
The definition of a shred is a small amount of something, or is a bit of broken-off or torn off paper or other material

If you are horribly embarrassed about something that happens and you feel as if you only have a tiny little bit of dignity left, this is an example of when you have only a shred of dignity

expected at or planned for at a certain time

the baby’s due in August

a bond, deed, or other document kept in the custody of a third party and taking effect only when a specified condition has been fulfilled

an effeminate or homosexual man

Get stoned
A state of mind which occurs after smoking enough marijuana to the point where the user stares blankly into whatever catches his/her attention

.I’m was so stoned I didn’t notice the movie was in French

Get one’s act together
galvanize oneself into organizing one’s affairs effectively

gradually weaken or destroy (a person’s strength or power)

.our energy is being sapped by bureaucrats and politicians

doubt the genuineness or truth of

a broker whose honesty he had no reason to suspect

Make the drop

On death row
a prison block or section for those sentenced to death

a convicted killer on death row

Set somebody up
arrange a meeting between one person and another, with the aim of encouraging a romantic relationship between them

.Todd tried to set her up with one of his friends

Pick up

a document recording the terms of a contract or other legal details

.articles of association must be signed by subscribers to the memorandum

rush forward in attack

.the plan is to charge headlong at the enemy

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