Suffix Warm-up – Part 3

Suffix Warm-up Part 3

Suffix Warm-up – Part 3

.N1. That picture is completely worth ———– . You wouldn’t get a penny for it

.N2. He is a very success ———– writer and has published over twenty books

.N3. She had always thought that her friend ———— with Maria would last forever

. N4. The present ———— of the award took place last Tuesday

. ———— N5. He was evicted from the house he was renting, and is now home

.N6. He has an incur ———— disease that is slowly spreading throughout his body

N7. Three thousand employ ———– from the factory will lose their jobs next week

. ————  N8. The work requires great accura

.N9. He has lost a lot of money on a bad invest ———- he made last year

N10. The weather in England is very change ——— . One moment it is raining, and the next it is sunny



less / ful / ship / ation / less / able / ees / cy / ment / able

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