Suffix Warm-up – Part 2

Suffix Warm-up Part 2

Suffix Warm-up – Part 2

.N1. Their concern is understandabel/understandable

.N2. The fracture was clearly visible/visable on the X-ray

.N3. The changes are completely reversable/ reversible

.N4. She wants a career with a more predictible/predictable income

.N5. There has been a noticeable/noticible improvement in his work

N6. She was an expert at making science comprehensible/comprehensable to the general public

.N7. The stadium is accessable/accessible by public transport

.N8. To make beans digestable/digestible, you must always cook them thoroughly

.N9. He had changed so much that he was scarcely recognizible/recognizable

.N10. We hope that this solution will be acceptible/acceptable to everyone concerned



Understandable / visible / reversible / predictable / noticeable / comprehensible / accessible / digestible / recognizable / acceptable

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