Suffix Warm-up – Part 1

Suffix Warm-up Part 1

suffix Warm-up – Part 1

ware / -ling / -icide / -ee / -ology / -archy / -proof / -free / -hood / -phobic-

.N1. without something that you do not want

.N2. things used in operating a computer

.N3. the study of something, especially something scientific

.N4. a particular type of government

.N5. someone who is being treated in a particular way

.N6. someone or something that kills a particular person or thing, or the act of killing

.N7. suffering from or connected with a strong unreasonable fear of something

N8. used to describe something which cannot easily be affected or damaged by someone or something

.N9. a period of time or a state

.N10. a small, young, or less important type of something



free / ware / ology / archy / ee / icide / phobic / hood / ling /

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