Reading Techniques

Reading Techniques

Reading Techniques


با توجه به هدینگ های داده شده درست یا غلط بودن جملات را مشخص نمایید.

The impact of inner-city regeneration

List of headings

A- The financial impact of regeneration on local people

B- A dramatic example of inner city regeneration

C- The purpose of regeneration

 D- Some physical concerns

E- How regeneration is improving the area


N1. The title helps you predict the organization of the reading passage.     True/False

N2. The general noun impact helps you predict the passage will talk about cause and effect.    True/False

N3. The word regeneration helps you predict the theme of the reading passage.  True/False

N4. The theme and purpose of the passage will not always be introduced at the beginning of the reading passage.  True/False

N5. It is unlikely that a specific example of regeneration will come at the beginning of the reading passage.  True/ False

N6. To locate the paragraph relating to heading A. you need to look for something to do with money, something to do with effect and something to do with people.    True/False

N7. For heading E. you need to look for positive words in the paragraph.   True/False

N8. The headings themselves are not related to each other or the title.    True/False

: Answer

N1. True

 N2. True

  N3. True

  N4. False

  N5. False

N6. True

N7. True

N8. False

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