Reading matching – Exercise

IELTS Reading
IELTS Reading

Reading matching – Exercise

BENTLEY Hospital Catering Service

Please note
It is your responsibility to check that the total break time shown on the staffing sheets accurately reflects the breaks that you take. Any discrepancies should be raised with your Staff Co-ordinator immediately


Food handlers are those concerned with preparing and serving unwrapped food
Food handlers should report any instance of sickness, diarrhoea and/or stomach upset experienced either while at work or during a holiday to a member of the Personnel Management team. Any infections of ear, nose, throat, mouth, chest or skin should also be reported to a member of the Personnel Management team
Food handlers need to have an annual dental examination by the company dentist. Alternatively, a current certificate of dental fitness may be produced from their own dentist. This applies to all permanent staff who handle food

Questions 1-5

Complete each sentence with the correct ending, A-J, below

N1. Temporary employees only working 3 hours should
N2. Employees who work 11 hours should
N3. To find out when to have their breaks, employees should
N4. Employees working with food must
N5. Food handlers who have been ill should

A – talk to a staff co-ordinator
B – have two thirty-minute breaks
C – not take any breaks for meals
D – pay for any meals they have
E – get a single one-hour break
F – look at the section staffing board
G – lose pay for their break times
H – tell a member of the Personnel Management team
I – have an annual dental examination
J – consult their doctor


: Answers

N1. C

N2. B

N3. f

N4. I

N5. H


Reading matching – Exercise
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