Private Practice

Private Practice

  جهت تقویت مهارت شنیداری و گسترده‌ کردن دایره لغات، در برنامه Afarinesh ShowTime قسمتهایی از فیلم و سریالهای روز را با هم میبینیم و در ادامه ترنسکریپت و توضیحات آن را مشاهده خواهیم کرد :

Private Practice

?The thought of it right now, to escape everything .I wish I could .Well, you know that you can’t ?I love him, Sam. He’s all I have. What’s wrong with me Nothing’s wrong. You can’t help love, I get that .But if you love Bobby, you gotta let this go ?How do I do that

?Dr.Montgomery, how’s the baby .I just checked their chart, and they’re both doing fine It’s hard watching her go through all this pain. Losing Phillip, maybe the baby. That baby means everything to her .Well, at least she has you ?Is there something bothering you .No.Yes.The timing of this, of Phillip dying in a way that kept his heart pumping .You think he killed himself for her? You think I killed him I think there’s a fine line between miracle and convenience, and I think about this pregnancy and how I got to know Janine and you. And not Phillip .He pushed me to be there .And you let him Here was this wonderful, sweet woman feeling alone in her marriage. And there was Phillip, not deserving what he had. Not appreciating what he had .But he had it. He had her So I wanted something I couldn’t have. Don’t tell me you’ve never felt that way. I loved my brother. But he wasn’t good enough for her. But if he’s dead, at least she’s alive

?Hey, you all right You know, Malcolm might have killed his brother for someone that he loved.And me? I can’t even find her, Pete. Betsey. All I know is St.Louis. You know, Heather is working for a company in St.Louis, but I don’t know who Betsey’s with or where she’s living or what she thinks about me, and I mean, as far as she knows, her father’s gone .That’s horrible, Dell .But Heather was in a good place when she left, and she loves Betsey .But she’s my child. You’ll know. When Violet’s baby is born, you’ll know. And you I bet you’d do anything ?I mean, what kind of man am I that I just sit here and watch .Just because you haven’t found her yet, doesn’t mean you won’t

.Hi .Hi ?What’s going on .I wanna believe that it won’t be a problem. That I can be there for you and Ben and the baby .Yeah, the baby has to come first. I get that. I can make that work .I need to be there for both of them. For the baby and for Violet .Okay, well, I guess it’s better you know now before anyone gets hurt .I’d like to keep treating Ben. I don’t want this to affect him .Uh I don’t know, Pete

?Hey, you are testing Phillip’s blood .Mm-hm .Why? I mean, the ME’s doing that .I think he did it .Malcolm.I think he murdered his brother and I need evidence. I need proof Addison, we just pulled off the unthinkable. I mean, two lives were almost gone, and then a heart dropped in our laps. Now they’re gonna live. It’s a miracle. You and I did it. Can’t we just focus on that .I can’t. Phillip’s dead and Malcolm might get to be with Janine Why’s he gotta be a bad guy? Maybe he’s just a guy who didn’t get along with his brother. You told me he was a good guy .Good people don’t murder their brothers and then get to sleep with their wives ?Can’t they just be two people in love? I mean, why try and tear them apart .Okay, Noah, there are lines and rules and things that you can’t do. I mean, they shouldn’t be together. It’s wrong .Autopsy results came back.ME ruled it an accidental insulin overdose . Guess it all worked out .I still think he did it .There isn’t any proof You kissed me back. You’re angry at me. You say that I’m at fault. But it isn’t just that I kissed you. It’s that you kissed me back. That’s why you’re angry

private practice

Language Focus

Go through undergo (a difficult period or experience)

.The country is going through a period of economic instability

Miracle an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency

.The miracle of rising from the grave

Convenience the state of being able to proceed with something without difficulty

.Services should be run to suit the convenience of customers, not of staff

Appreciate recognize the full worth of

.She feels that he does not appreciate her

Treat provide someone with (food, drink, or entertainment) at one’s own expense

.He treated her to a slap-up lunch

Affect have an effect on; make a difference to

.The dampness began to affect my health

ME = medical examiner

Evidence the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid

.The study finds little evidence of overt discrimination

Pull sth off to succeed in doing something difficult or unexpected

.The central bank has pulled off one of the biggest financial rescues of recent years

Unthinkable (of a situation or event) too unlikely or undesirable to be considered a possibility

.It was unthinkable that John could be dead

Lap the flat area between the waist and knees of a seated person

.Come and sit on my lap

Get along with have a harmonious or friendly relationship

.They seem to get along pretty well

Tear apart to completely destroy (something) by tearing it into pieces

.I couldn’t open the box nicely, so I just tore it apart

Autopsy a post-mortem examination to discover the cause of death or the extent of disease

.A Home Office pathologist carried out the autopsy

Work out have a good or specified result

.Things don’t always work out that way

At fault responsible for an undesirable situation; in the wrong

We recover compensation from the person at fault

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