Preposition warm-up Part 3

Preposition warm-up Part 3

Preposition warm-up Part 3

: Choose the correct sentence in each pair

. N1. Pick me up at 10:00 . Pick me up in 10:00

. N2. You should have no problems on this material . You should have no problems with this material

. N3. I lived here from 1999 . I lived here since 1999

. N4. I travelled in train . I travelled by train

. N5. See you on Monday . See you in Monday


: Fill the gaps using the words in brackets

. N6. There was an interesting show _________the TV

! N7. I was waiting for 1 hour _________the bus station

. N8. He prevented me ___________coming to the party

. N9. David lives_________ Madrid

. N10. The automobile turned ___________and went the other way

. N11. I feel relaxed when I’m __________my friends

. N12. You should always be prepared _____________ the test


: Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D to fill in the gaps

. N13. One of the world famous music festivals is held ___ London

about on in at

. N14. When will we meet? ___ 6:30 PM today

at in on by

. N15. My cat has hidden ___ a sofa

around down under among

. N16. I have seen Lisa ___ June

on by in at

. N17. This doctor charges 200 dollars ___ hour

for by of per



N1. at N2. with N3. since N4. by N5. on N6. on N7. at N8. from N9. in N10. around N11. with N12. for N13. in N14. at N15. under N16. in N17. per

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