Prefix Warm-up – Part 2

Prefix Warm-up Part 2

Prefix Warm-up – Part 2


.I can hardly read your writing. It is dislegible/illegible/unlegible

.Do not defasten/downfasten/unfasten your seatbelt until the plane has stopped moving

.You shouldn’t do that. It’s dislegal/illegal/unlegal

The army managed to deactivate/reactivate/unactivate the terrorist bomb before it could explode

He said he had never been disfaithful/infaithful/unfaithful to his wife, and wasn’t interested in having an affair

She refused to do what her parents wanted, although she had never contraobeyed/disobeyed/unobeyed them before

So far, I’m afraid his election campaign has been disappointing and disinspiring/ininspiring/uninspiring

When writing an essay, focus on the question you are answering and do not include a lot of disrelevant/irrelevant/unrelevant information

The referee said that the ball hadn’t crossed the line and so the goal was disallowed/inallowed/unallowed

The man didn’t seem to care that he had damaged the building. In court he appeared completely disrepentant/irrepentant/unrepentant



illegible / unfasten / illegal / deactivate / unfaithful / disobeyed / uninspiring / irrelevant / disallowed / unrepentant

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