Prefix Warm-up – Part 1

Prefix Warm-up Part 1

Prefix Warm-up – Part 1

Drag the prefix that matches each description into the gap. Use each prefix only once

eco    bio    ante    semi    poly    uni    mega    post    cyber    tele    anti    geo


N1. Very big

N2. before

N3. later than of after

N4. one

N5. many

N6. partly but not completely

N7. opposed to

N8. at or over a long distance

N9. relating to or using living things

N10. relating to the environment

N11. relating to the Earth or its surface

N12. relating to computers, especially to the Internet



N1.mega N2.ante N4.uni N5.poly N6.semi N7.anti N8.tele N11.geo N12.cyber

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