Phrasal verbs warm-up – part 5

Phrasal verbs warm-up – part 5

Which phrasal verb means the same as the more formal verb in CAPITALS at the end of the sentence

build up      come up      do up      make up      set up      wake up


N1. She _________ her own business in 2005. ESTABLISH

N2. A few interesting points ________ at yesterday’s meeting .ARISE

N3. Twelve ordinary people ________ the jury. CONSTITUTE

N4. He believes that toxins _________ in your skin, causing spots. ACCUMULATE

N5. I __________ very early this morning. AWAKE

N6. He _________ the children’s shoes and coats for them. FASTEN


: Answers

Set up / came up / make up / build up / woke up / did up

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