Phrasal Verbs Practice – 90

Phrasal Verbs


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 90

call for somebody/something
: N1. if a group of people call for something, they ask publicly for something to be done
.Human Rights groups are calling for the release of political prisoners
: N2. to need or deserve a particular type of behaviour or treatment
.Dealing with children who are so damaged calls for immense tact and sensitivity
.(That kind of abuse is really not called for (=it is unnecessary and unwelcome
: N3. British English to meet someone at their home in order to take them somewhere
.I’ll call for you at eight o’clock
N4. American English to say that a particular kind of weather is likely to happen Syn predict
.The forecast calls for more rain

call down something
formal to ask for someone, especially a god, to make something unpleasant happen to someone or something

call down something on/upon
.He called down vengeance on them

call by
 : to stop and visit someone when you are near the place where they live or work
.I thought I’d call by and see how you were

buy out
N1. buy somebody/something out to buy someone’s share of a business or property that you previously owned together, so that you have complete control
N2. buy somebody out of something to pay money so that someone can leave an organization such as the army before their contract has ended

buy somebody off
to pay someone money to stop them causing trouble or threatening you
Syn bribe

buy into something
: N1. informal to accept that an idea is right and allow it to influence you
.I never bought into this idea that you have to be thin to be attractive
: N2. to buy part of a business or organization, especially because you want to control it
.Investors were invited to buy into state-owned enterprises

buy something in
: to buy something in large quantities
.Companies are buying in supplies of paper, in case the price goes up


.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

buy something in / call by / call for / call down

.N1. Companies are …………………… supplies of paper, in case the price goes up
.N2. He …………………… vengeance on them
. …………………… N3. That kind of abuse is really not
.N4. I thought I’d …………………… and see how you were



buying in / called down / called for / call by


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