Phrasal Verbs Practice – 84

Phrasal Verbs


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 84

barge in
: to enter somewhere rudely, or to rudely interrupt someone
.George barged into my office without knocking

barge in on
.Sorry to barge in on your evening, James said

bail out
bail somebody/something+–+ out
: to do something to help someone out of trouble, especially financial problems
.Some local businesses have offered to bail out the museum
.Sutton bailed his team out with a goal in the last minute
bail somebody out
to leave a large sum of money with a court so that someone can be let out of prison while waiting for their TRIAL
.Clarke’s family paid £500 to bail him out

back out
:to decide not to do something that you had promised do
.It’s too late to back out now
.After you’ve signed the contract, it will be impossible to back out
back out of
.The government is trying to back out of its commitment to reduce pollution

blow over
: if the wind blows something over, or if something blows over, the wind makes it fall
.Our fence blew over in the storm
blow something over
.The hurricane blew some palm trees over
: if an argument or unpleasant situation blows over, it ends or is forgotten
.They weren’t speaking to each other, but I think it’s blown over now
if a storm blows over, it goes away

black out
:to become UNCONSCIOUS faint,pass out
.For a few seconds, he thought he was going to black out
black something out
: to put a dark mark over something so that it cannot be seen
.The censors had blacked out several words
black something out
to hide or turn off all the lights in a town or city, especially during war

bear with somebody/something
bear with me
spoken used to ask someone politely to wait while you find out information, finish what you are doing etc
.Bear with me a minute, and I’ll check if Mr.Garrard’s in
: to be patient or continue to do something difficult or unpleasant
.It’s boring, but please bear with it


.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

.N1. George ………… into my office without knocking
.N2. ………… a minute, and I’ll check if Mr.Garrard’s in
.N3. Clarke’s family paid £500 to ………… him out
. ………… N4. For a few seconds, he thought he was going to
.N5. The hurricane ………… some palm trees over
.N6. The government is trying to ………… out of its commitment to reduce pollution



Barged / Bear with me / bail / black out / blew / back


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