Phrasal Verbs Practice – 60

Phrasal Verbs Practice 60


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 60

Answer these questions using a phrasal verb based on the verb in brackets in your answer

N1. What would you do if you wanted to discuss a business idea face-to-face with your bank manager? fix N2. If students are taking an important written exam, what are schools usually required to do with the desks where they sit to write their exams? space N3. If one leg of a table is shorter than the others, how might you use a book? prop N4. If you recycle your rubbish, why might you need several different containers? separate N5. For a school photo, how does the photographer typically arrange the pupils? line N6. If you are a student living in one room and you often have friends and family to stay with you, why might it be useful to have a large sofa? double N7. If you have a lot of papers on the floor and you want to tidy your room, what do you do with the papers? gather N8. If you are going to meet someone who you’ve never met before at a crowded café, why might you each agree to wear something distinctive? know N9. You are arranging a party and want to ask an artistic friend to deal with decorating the room where the party is to be held. What could you say to your friend? see N10. You have a pile of papers that you think it may be all right to throw away, but what is it a good idea to do with them first? sift



.N1. You would fix up a meeting .N2. They are required to space out the desks .N3. You might put a book under the short leg to prop up the table .N4. You might need to separate out paper, glass, food waste, etc. into different containers .N5. The photographer usually lines the pupils up before taking a school photo .N6. A sofa could double up as a bed if someone stays over .N7. You gather all the papers up and then throw or tidy them away N8. You might agree to wear something distinctive so you will know each other from all the other people in the cafe ?N9. Could you see about decorating the room, perhaps, while I get the food prepared N10. It might be sensible to sift through the papers first to ensure that nothing important is thrown away

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