Phrasal Verbs Practice – 57

Phrasal Verbs Practice 57


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 57

.Choose the correct particle to complete these sentences

N1. I’ve been trying to think about / up / over a plan for a surprise birthday party for Theodore, but I haven’t hit on / out / up the right idea yet N2. I thought about the problem for ages, but then the solution just leapt over / away / out at me N3. Some of the trainees are very good at picking on / over / up new techniques, while others take a long time to catch on / across / in .N4. It’s hard to keep up to / with / for all the reading for my literature course N5. We formed a committee to bat a few ideas over / up / around for the college open day N6. For a while we played with / on / at the idea of making all the courses compulsory, but we dropped it because it would be so unpopular .N7. I think we should try and come into / on / at the problem from a different angle N8. I tried to explain it to him, but new information takes a long time to go on / in / off sometimes



N1. up – on N2. out N3. up – on N4. with N5. around N6. with N7. at N8. in

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