Phrasal Verbs Practice – 47

Phrasal Verbs Practice 47

Phrasal Verbs Practice – 47

.Complete these sentences by adding one word to the end of each one

Up/ back/ off/ off/ rage/ round/ up/ out

N1. I couldn’t get anything from the vending machine because some hooligans ……had smashed it ……N2. When Charlotte told her mother she had scratched her car, she flew into a ……N3. He’s terribly bossy, so make sure you don’t let yourself be pushed ……N4. Tom hit the man so hard that he knocked him ……N5. Don’t interfere in the fight yourself – wait for the police to come and break it ……N6. Robyn did her best, but she didn’t manage to fight her attacker ……N7. If someone criticises you unfairly, it is better to ignore them than to strike ……N8. My neighbour went to jail for trying to bump her boss



N1. up N2. rage N3. around (.N4. out (Note over is also possible N5. up N6. off N7. back N8. off

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