Phrasal Verbs Practice – 41

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs Practice – 41

.Match the beginning of each sentence with its ending

N1. Aidan’s new job will undoubtedly impact
N2. How the situation develops will depend
N3. Isabelle’s behaviour may well rebound
N4. Freddie’s interest in botany stems
N5. Her attitude to foreigners is rooted
N6. It is impossible to point
N7. The new education reform should result
N8. Professor Bukowsky attributes the crisis
N9. The situation in the country may lead

.a. to one clear cause of the crisis
.b. from a childhood spent in the rainforest
.c. in ignorance
.d. in significant social change
.e. to the changes in the country’sleadership
.f. on the reaction from the USA
.g. to a civil war
.h. on his family
.i. on her if she is not careful



N1. h
N2. f
N3. i
N4. b
N5. c
N6. a
N7. d
N8. e
N9. g


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