Phrasal Verbs Practice – 31

Phrasal Verbs Practice 31

Phrasal Verbs Practice – 31

Which of the meanings given are possible or likely interpretations of the phrasal verbs in these sentences? More than one interpretation may be possible. Use a dictionary if necessary

.N1. I think you should take this down a) write it b) drink it c) dismantle it

.N2. The house has come down a) has been rebuilt b) is for sale at a lower price c) has been demolished

.N3. She turned it down a) reduced the heat b) refused the off er c) put the collar of her coat in its normal position

.N4. They watered it down a) extinguished a fire using water b) added water to make a liquid less strong c) made an idea, opinion or argument less strong



N1. a and c N2. b and c N3. a, b and c N4. b and c

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