Phrasal Verbs Practice – 21

Phrasal Verbs Practice 21

Phrasal Verbs Practice – 21

ace someone out

.to maneuver someone out; to win out over someone

.Martha aced out Rebecca to win the first-place trophy

act something out

.to perform in real life a role that one has imagined in a fantasy

.I acted out an old fantasy onstage

.to convert one’s bad feelings into action rather than words

.Don’t act your aggressions out on me! _ She acted out her aggression

.to demonstrate or communicate something through gestures or action rather than words

.Act your request out, if you can’t say it

add (something) on(to) something and add (something) on

to extend something by providing more (of something). This use of on with add is colloquial

.You added nearly one thousand dollars onto the total

add (something) to something to increase the intensity or amount of something by giving more (of something)to it

.You added too much sugar to my coffee

add something up to sum or total a set of figures

.Please add these figures up again

air something out

to freshen something up by placing it in the open air; to freshen a room by letting outside air move through it

.I’ll have to air out the car. Someone has been smoking in it

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