Phrasal Verbs Practice – 159

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs Practice – 159

be taken aback
: to be very surprised about something
.Emma was somewhat taken aback by his directness

stub something out
to stop a cigarette from burning by pressing the end of it against something
to fill a particular amount of time or space be taken up with something
.The little time I had outside of school was taken up with work

take up space/room
old books that were taking up space in the office

take something up to accept a suggestion, offer, or idea
.Rob took up the invitation to visit

take up the challenge/gauntlet
.Rick took up the challenge and cycled the 250 mile route alone
: to move to the exact place where you should be, so that you are ready to do something
.The runners are taking up their positions on the starting line

take something up
to make a piece of clothing / let down

take something up
: to continue a story or activity that you or someone else had begun, after a short break
.I’ll take up the story where you left off

take something up

take something up
: to become interested in a new activity and to spend time doing it
.Roger took painting up for a while, but soon lost interest
: to start a new job or have a new responsibility
.Peter will take up the management of the finance department

take up a post/ a position/ duties etc
.The head teacher takes her duties up in August

take something up
: if you take up a suggestion, problem, complaint etc, you start to do something about it
.Now the papers have taken up the story

take something up with
The hospital manager has promised to take the mutter up with the member of staff involved
.I am still very angry and will be taking it up with the authorities

[take to somebody/something [not in passive
: to start to like someone or something
.Sandra took to it straight away
.Charles was an odd character whom Kelly had never really taken to
: to start doing something regularly take to doing something
.Dee’s taken to getting up at 6 and going jogging

take to your bed
: to get into your bed and stay there
.He was so depressed, he took to his bed for a week

take over
to take control of something /takeover

take something over
.His only reason for investing in the company was to take it over
.Ruth moved into our apartment and promptly took over


.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

take up (4) / take aback / take to something / take over

.N1. old books that were ………… space in the office
.N2. Emma was somewhat ………… by his directness
. ………… N3. His only reason for investing in the company was to ………… it
.N4. Sandra ………… it straight away
N5. The hospital manager has promised to ………… the mutter ………… with the member of staff involved
.N6. The head teacher ………… her duties ………… in August
.N7. I’ll ………… the story where you left off



taking up / taken aback / take – over / took to / take – up / takes – Up / take up


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