Phrasal Verbs Practice – 156

Phrasal Verbs Practice 156

Phrasal Verbs Practice – 156

stick out if something sticks out, you notice it because part of it comes out further than the rest of a surface .The children were so thin their ribs stuck out

stick out of/from/through .Paul’s legs were sticking out from under the car : stick it out to continue doing something that is difficult, painful, or boring .It wasn’t a happy period of his life, but he stuck it out stick your neck out informal to risk giving your opinion about something, even though you may be wrong or other people may disagree with you .I’m going to stick my neck out with some predictions for the next two years

stick out to somebody/stick out in sb’s mind : to seem more important to someone than other people or things .The thing that sticks out to me is that they need more help than they’re getting

stay on : to continue to do a job or to study after the usual or expected time for leaving .He resigned as chairman, but stayed on as an instructor

Start over to start doing something again from the beginning, especially because you want to do it better .If you make a mistake, just erase it and start over

start something off : to make something begin happening .We’re not sure what starts the process off

start somebody off to help someone begin an activity

start somebody off with .He started me off with some stretching exercises : to begin going somewhere .I sat in the car for a few minutes before starting off

start off to/towards/back etc .She started off to school in her new uniform

start somebody off : to make someone get angry or start laughing, by saying something .Don’t say that; that’ll just start him off

start somebody off doing something .He made her jump, and that started her off giggling

start off to begin something in a particular way, or to begin in a particular way

start something off with something/by doing something .The theater company started off their new season with a Shakespeare play

start off with something/by doing something .I started off by drawing the flowers I had collected to be a particular thing or have a particular quality at the beginning of something, especially when this changes later .The puppies start off white, and get their black spots later

start off as .The games start off as a social event, but players soon become competitive .I started off as a drummer

stop off : to make a short visit to a place during a journey, especially to rest or to see someone .We can stop off and see you on our way back

stop off in/ at etc .We stopped off in Santa Rosa for a day

stop out : to stay out later than usual .It was a real treat being allowed to stop out late

stop over to stop somewhere and stay a short time before continuing a long journey, especially when travelling by plane .The plane stops over in Dubai on the way to India


stir somebody/something up : to deliberately try to cause arguments or bad feelings between people .John was always stirring up trouble in class .Dave’s just trying to stir things up because he’s jealous :to make small pieces of something move around in the air or in water .The wind had stirred up a powdery red dust

stick up for somebody phrasal verb informal : to defend someone who is being criticized, especially when no one else will defend them !You’re supposed to be sticking up for me

stick up for yourself .She’s always known how to stick up for herself


.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

Start over / start off / stop out / stop over / stir up (2) / stick up / stick out / stay on

!N1. You’re supposed to be …………… for me .N2. John was always …………… trouble in class .N3. The wind had …………… a powdery red dust .N4. The plane …………… in Dubai on the way to India .N5. It was a real treat being allowed to …………… late .N6. I …………… as a drummer . …………… N7. If you make a mistake, just erase it and . …………… N8. It wasn’t a happy period of his life, but he …………… it .N9. He resigned as chairman, but …………… as an instructor



sticking up / stirring up / stirred up / stops over / stop out / started off / start over / stuck – Out / stayed on

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