Phrasal Verbs Practice – 150

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs Practice – 150

set somebody up
: to provide someone with money that they need, especially in order to start a business
.After he qualified as a doctor, his mother set him up in a practice of his own
.Selling her share of the company has set her up for life

set somebody up
: to make you feel healthy and full of energy
.A good breakfast will set you up for the day

set yourself up as something
to deliberately make people believe that you have the authority and skill to do something, especially when this is not true
.Politicians who set themselves up as moral authorities

set something out
: to put a group of things down and arrange them
.The market traders began setting out their displays

set out on something
: to start doing something, especially something new, difficult, or important
.My nephew is just setting out on a career in journalism

set out
to start a journey, especially a long journey

set out for
.Kate set out for the house on the other side of the bay

set out on a journey/drive/voyage etc
.The band are setting out on a European tour in March
to start doing something or making plans to do something in order to achieve a particular result

set out to do something
.Salesmen who deliberately set out to defraud customers

set out with the idea/purpose/intention etc of doing something
.They set out with the aim of becoming the number one team in the league

set something out
: to explain ideas, facts, or opinions in a clearly organized way, in writing or in a speech
.He set out the reasons for his decision in his report

set on somebody

set somebody/something on somebody
: to make people or animals attack someone
.The farmer threatened to set his dogs on us
(usually passive) if you are set on by people or animals, you are suddenly attacked by them
.A thirty-five-year-old man was set on by four youths last night

set somebody on/onto somebody
to give someone information about a person who you think has done something wrong, because you want that person to be found and caught
.If I refuse, he’ll set the police onto me


.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

(Set someone up (3) / set out (3) / set on (2

.N1. If I refuse, he’ll ………… the police ………… to me
.N2. A thirty-five-year-old man was ………… by four youths last night
.N3. He ………… the reasons for his decision in his report
.N4. They ………… with the aim of becoming the number one team in the league
.N5. The band are ………… on a European tour in March
.N6. Politicians who ………… themselves ………… as moral authorities
.N7. A good breakfast will ………… you ………… for the day
.N8. Selling her share of the company has ………… her ………… for life



Set – on / set on / set out / set out / setting out / set – up / set – up / set – up


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