Phrasal Verbs Practice – 147

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs Practice – 147

seal something off
: to stop people from entering an area or building, because it is dangerous
.Following a bomb warning, police have sealed off the whole area

scare something up
: to make something although you have very few things to make it from
.Let me see if I can scare up something for you to eat

scare somebody/something off/away
: to make an animal or person go away by frightening them
.She moved quietly to avoid scaring the birds away
to make someone uncertain or worried so that they do not do something they were going to do
.Rising prices are scaring off many potential customers

send something/somebody up
: to make something increase in value
.The oil shortage is bound to send prices up
British English informal to make someone or something seem silly by copying them in a funny way
.The film hilariously sends up Hollywood disaster movies

see to somebody/something
: to deal with something or do something for someone
.Go on, you go out. I’ll see to the washing-up

have/get something seen to
.You should get that tooth seen to by a dentist


.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

see to something / send something up / seal off / scare up / scare away / scare off

.N1. Go on, you go out. I’ll ………… the washing-up
. …………N2. The oil shortage is bound to ………… prices
.N3. Rising prices are ………… many potential customers
. …………N4. She moved quietly to avoid ………… the birds
.N5. Let me see if I can ………… something for you to eat
.N6. Following a bomb warning, police have ………… the whole area



see to / send – up / scaring off / scaring – away / scare up / sealed off

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