Phrasal Verbs Practice – 125

Phrasal Verbs Practice 125


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 125

key something to something : to make or change a system so that it works well with something else .The daycare hours are keyed to the needs of working parents if the level, price, or value of something is keyed to something else, it is related to it and they rise and fall at the same time .Pensions are keyed to the rate of inflation

key something in : to put information into a computer or other machine, using buttons or a keyboard .’Key in your password and press ‘Return : keep something up to continue to practice a skill so that you do not lose it .I used to speak French, but I haven’t kept it up : keep somebody up informal to prevent someone from going to bed .I hope I’m not keeping you up

keep your spirits/strength/morale etc up : to stay happy, strong, confident etc by making an effort .We sang as we marched, to keep our spirits up

keep up appearances to pretend that everything in your life is normal and happy even though you are in trouble, especially financial trouble

let somebody in on something : to tell something that is secret or only known by a few people .TV chef Raymond Blanc lets us in on the secrets of his kitchen ?Would someone mind letting me in on the joke

let somebody down lightly/gently : to give someone bad news in a way that will not upset them too much .I get asked out on dates quite often, but I always try to let the guy down gently : to allow the air to escape from something so that it loses its shape and becomes flat !Someone’s let my tires down to make a piece of clothing longer by unfolding a folded edge take up

let sornebody/something down : to not do something that someone trusts or expects you to do .She had been let down badly in the past .The worst feeling is having let our fans down

(let the side down ( =disappoint a group of people that you belong to : to make someone or something less successful or effective .McKenzie’s judgement rarely lets him down : to move something or someone to a lower position .Let down a rope so that I can climb up .Carefully, she let herself down into the water : let your hair down informal to relax and enjoy yourself, especially after working hard .Visitors young and old let their hair down and enjoyed the show

let your guard/ defenses down : to relax and stop worrying about what might happen or what someone might find out about you ?Maggie never really lets her guard down, does she

kill something off to cause the death of a lot of living things : destroy .Pollution is rapidly killing off plant life to stop or remove something completely : destroy .These figures kill off any hope that the economy is poised for recovery

kick off : if a meeting, event, or a football game kicks off, it starts ?What time does the laser show kick off .The match. kicks off at noon

kick off with .The series kicked off with an interview with Brando : if you kick off a discussion, meeting, event etc, you start it ?OK Marion, would you care to kick off

(kick something (with something .I’m going to kick off today’s meeting with a few remarks about the budget

kick somebody off something : to remove someone from a team or group .Joe was kicked off the committee for stealing funds to die : if a fight kicks off, people start fighting .I think it might kick off in here with all these football fans around

level with somebody : to speak honestly to someone, after hiding some unpleasant facts from them .She decided to level with him and tell him how she felt

let up : to become less severe or harmful .The wind had dropped and the rain gradually let up : to be less severe, unkind, or violent towards someone .Even when the crowd had scattered, the police didn’t let up : to stop working as hard as you were .You’re doing really well, but you can’t afford to let up now

let on to tell someone something, especially something you have been keeping secret

(let on (that .Don’t let on that I told you let on who/why/how etc .We never did let on how we found out .I’m sure he knows more than he’s letting on

let somebody/something off : to not punish someone .I’ll let you off this time, but don’t do it again

let somebody/something off with .After checking our identities, the customs men let us off with a warning

let somebody off the hook ( =allow someone to escape punishment or criticism .He’d decided to make Sandra wait before letting her off the hook

let somebody off lightly/ easily ( = give someone a less serious punishment than they deserve .I think young criminals are let off far too lightly

(let somebody off (something : if someone in authority lets you off something you should do, they give you permission not to do it .You’ve worked hard all week, so I’ll let you off today

let something off : to make something explode .One boy had let off a firework in class


: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

Level with sb / let sb / in on sth / let on / let sb off / the hook / let off (2) / key to / let down (2) / let up

. ………… N1. The wind had dropped and the rain gradually .N2. Visitors young and old ………… their hair ………… and enjoyed the show . ………… N3. The worst feeling is having ………… our fans .N4. The daycare hours are ………… the needs of working parents .N5. One boy had ………… a firework in class .N6. I think young criminals are ………… far too lightly . ………… N7. He’d decided to make Sandra wait before ………… her .N8. After checking our identities, the customs men let us off with a warning . ………… N9. I’m sure he knows more than he’s . ………… N10. Even when the crowd had scattered, the police didn’t .N11. She decided to ………… him and tell him how she felt .N12. The series ………… with an interview with Brando ?N13. Would someone mind ………… me ………… on the joke



let up / let – down / let – down / keyed to / let off / let off / letting – off / the hook / letting on / let up / level with / kicked off / letting – in


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