Phrasal Verbs Practice – 124

Phrasal Verbs Practice 124


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 124

keep on : to continue doing something, or to do something many times keep on doing something .You just have to keep on trying

keep somebody onto : continue to employ someone, especially for longer than you had planned .If you’re good, they might keep you on after Christmas British English informal to talk continuously about something or repeat something many times, in a way that is annoying om go on

keep on about !There’s no need to keep on and on about it

keep on at .If I didn’t keep on at the children, they’d never do their homework

keep off

keep something off : to prevent something from touching or harming something .She held an old piece of cloth over them both to keep the rain off

keep something off something ?How are we going to keep the flies off this food

keep your hands off somebody/something :used to tell someone not to touch someone or something !Keep your hands off me

keep (somebody) off something to not eat, drink, or take something that is bad for you, or to stop someone else from eating, drinking, or taking it .Keep off fatty foods .a program aimed at keeping teenagers off drugs

keep off something especially British English to avoid talking about a particular subject, especially so that you do not upset someone avoid, stay off

keep something off : if you keep weight off, you do not get heavier again after you have lost weight .British English if rain keeps off, it does not fall

keep somebody/something – down : to prevent the size, cost, or quantity of something from increasing or being too great .We need to keep costs down to succeed in keeping food in your stomach, instead of bringing it up again out of your mouth, when you are ill .I could hardly keep anything down for about three days : used to ask someone to make less noise !Keep your voice down – she’ll hear you .Can you keep it down – I’m trying to work : to prevent a group of people from becoming as successful and powerful as the other people in a society .Plantation owners kept slaves down by refusing them an education

kick in : to start or to begin to have an effect .The storm is expected to kick in shortly after sunrise .The painkillers kicked in and he became sleepy

(kick in (something to join with others in giving money or help : chip in .Bill never wants to kick in .We were each asked to kick in 50 cents toward the cost

kick sb’s head/face/teeth in : to injure someone badly by kicking them .He threatened to come round and kick my head

kick a door in : to kick a locked door so hard that it breaks open .We had to get the police to kick the door in


: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

Kick in / keep something down / keep off (2) / keep on at / keep on

.N1. You just have to ……………… trying .N2. If I didn’t ……………… the children, they’d never do their homework . ……………… N3. She held an old piece of cloth over them both to ……………… the rain .N4. ……………… fatty foods .N5. Plantation owners ……………… slaves ……………… by refusing them an education .N6. The painkillers ……………… and he became sleepy



keep on / keep on at / keep…off / Keep off / kept – Down / kicked in


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