Phrasal Verbs Practice – 123

Phrasal Verbs Practice 123


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 123

keep at something : keep at it spoken to continue to do something, although it is difficult or hard work !I know it’s hard, but keep at it! Don’t give up keep somebody at something to force someone to continue to work hard and not let them stop

live up to something if something or someone lives up to a particular standard or promise, they do as well as they were expected to, do what they promised etc .The bank is insolvent and will be unable to live up to its obligations .The film has certainly lived up to any expectations

keep back : keep something back to deliberately not tell someone all that you know about something .I got the feeling he was keeping something back : keep something back to not show your feelings, even though you want to very much .She was struggling to keep back the tears : keep somebody someone from back to prevent being as successful as they could be .Fear and stereotypes have kept women back for centuries

keep something back : not give or pay something that you were going to give .They kept back some of his wages to pay for the damage to continue to read and learn about a particular subject, so that you always know about the most recent facts, products etc

keep up with .Employees need to keep up with the latest technical developments

keep something up : to make something continue at its present level or amount, instead of letting it decrease .NATO kept up the pressure on the Serbs to get out of Kosovo if one process keeps up with another, it increases at the same speed and by the same amount

keep up with .Food production is not keeping up with population growth

keep something up : to continue doing something .I don’t think I can keep this up any longer ( keep up the good work! ( =continue to work hard and well if a situation keeps up, it continues without stopping or changing : continue to go as quickly as someone else

keep up with .I had to walk fast to keep up with him to manage to do as much or as well as other people fall behind

keep up with .Jack’s having trouble keeping up with the rest of the class (keep up with the Joneses ( =try to have the same new impressive possessions that other people have


: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

keep at something / keep back (2) / keep up with (2) / keep something up / live up to something

.N1. The bank is insolvent and will be unable to ……………… its obligations .N2. I had to walk fast to ……………… him .N3. I don’t think I can ……………… this ……………… any longer .N4. Employees need to ……………… the latest technical developments .N5. They ……………… some of his wages to pay for the damage .N6. She was struggling to ……………… the tears !N7. I know it’s hard, but ……………… it! Don’t give up



live up to / keep up with / keep – Up / keep up with / kept back / keep back / keep at


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