Phrasal Verbs Practice – 121

Phrasal Verbs Practice 121


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 121

hold out something to think or say that something is possible or likely to happen, especially something good

not hold out much hope/hold out little hope .Negotiators aren’t holding out much hope of a peaceful settlement

hold out the prospect/promise of something alternative methods which hold out the promise of improved health : if a supply of something holds out, there is still some left .Water supplies won’t hold out much longer : to continue to successfully defend a place that is being attacked .The rebels held out for another night but then fresh forces arrived to try to prevent yourself from doing something that someone is trying to force you to do hold out against .I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out against their relentless questioning

lay something on : provide something such as food, entertainment, or transport for a group of people .They laid on a buffet for his farewell party .A bus has been laid on to take you home lay something on somebody to ask someone to do something, especially something that is difficult or something they will not want to do .Sorry to lay this on you, but we need someone to give a talk at the conference next week

(lay it on (thick a. to praise someone or something too much, especially in order to get what you want b. to talk about something in a way that makes it seem more important, serious etc than it really is exaggerate

lay somebody off to stop employing someone because there is no work for them to do .The company laid off 250 workers in December .Millions of people have been laid off in the steel industry

(lay off (something : informal to stop using or doing something .I think you’d better lay off alcohol for a while

lay off doing something .I had to lay off running for several months

(lay off (somebody : informalto stop annoying someone or hurting them !Just lay off, will you !I wish he’d lay off me

lay something off to pass the ball to someone in your team in a game such as football – used in sports reports

lay something off to somebody .Murphy has the ball and then lays it off to Owen

lay into somebody/something : to attack or criticize someone or something .Outside the club, two men were laying into each other

lay down your life to die in order to help other people .He was even prepared to lay down his life for his friends

lay something down : to officially state something or say that rules, principles etc must be obeyed .He had already clearly laid down his view in his opening speech

lay down that .The contract laid down that the work must be completed before 2025 : if people lay down their weapons, they stop fighting .The terrorists were urged to lay down their arms

lay down the law : to tell other people what to do,how they should think etc, in a very strong or impolite way .I could hear him laying down the law

jump out at somebody : if something jumps out at you, it is extremely noticeable, often in a way you do not like .I don’t like jewelry that jumps out at you


: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

Jump out / lay down / lay off (2) / hold out / lay on

.N1. They ……………… a buffet for his farewell party .N2. The company ……………… 250 workers in December .N3. Negotiators aren’t ……………… much hope of a peaceful settlement .N4. I think you’d better ……………… alcohol for a while .N5. He was even prepared to ……………… his life for his friends .N6. I don’t like jewelry that ……………… at you



laid on / laid off / holding out / lay off / lay down / jumps out


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