Phrasal Verbs Practice – 101

Phrasal Verbs


Phrasal Verbs Practice – 101

cut somebody/something off

cut something off
: to separate something by cutting it away from the main part
.One of his fingers was cut off in the accident

cut something off something
.Cut the fat off the meat
cut something off
: stop the supply of something such as electricity, gas, water etc
.The gas had been cut off
.The US has threatened to cut off economic and military aid

get cut off
: to suddenly not be able to hear someone that you were speaking to on the telephone
.I don’t know what happened – we just got cut off

cut in
: to interrupt someone who is speaking by saying something
.What shall I do? Patrick cut in again

cut in on
.Sorry to cut in on you, but there are one or two things I don’t understand
 DRIVING to suddenly drive in front of a moving car in a dangerous way
.She cut in on a red Ford,forcing the driver to brake heavily
: MACHINE if a part of a machine cuts in, it starts to operate when it is needed
.The safety device cuts in automatically
INCLUDE SOMEBODY cut somebody in informal to allow someone to take part in a plan or to make money from it

cut somebody in on
!Come on, Joey, you promised to cut me in on this one

cut something down
to cut through the main part of a tree so that it falls on the ground

cut somebody down
: to kill or injure someone, especially in a battle
.Hundreds of men were cut down by crossbow fire

cut something down
: to reduce the length of something such as a piece of writing
.Your essay’s too long – it needs cutting down a little

cut somebody down to size
to make someone realize that they are not as important, successful etc as they think they are

cut down
to reduce the amount of something

cut something down
.Installing double-glazing will cut down the noise from traffic

cut down on
.By getting the design right, you can cut down on accidents
: to eat, drink, or use less of something, especially in order to improve your health
.I’ve always smoked, but I’m trying to cut down

cut down on
.Cut down on fatty foods if you want to lose weight

cut across something
: if a problem or feeling cuts across different groups of people, they are all affected by it
.Domestic violence seems to cut across most social divisions

crop up
if a problem crops up, it happens or appears suddenly and in an unexpected way
if something such as a name or a subject crops up, it appears in something you read or hear come up
.Your name kept cropping up in conversation

cut something out
: to remove something from a piece of writing, especially because it might offend people
.Cut out the bit about racial prejudice

cut it/that out
: used to tell someone to stop doing something because it is annoying you
.Hey, you guys, cut it out – Mom’s trying to get some sleep

cut somebody out
: to stop someone from doing something or being involved in something
.The new rules will cut out 25% of people who were previously eligible to vote


: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs

Cut somebody out / cut it out / cut out / crop up / cut across / cut down on / cut down
(2) cut in on (2) / cut in / cut off

.N1. One of his fingers was ………… in the accident
. ………… N2. The gas had been
.N3. Sorry to ………… you, but there are one or two things I don’t understand
.N4. Come on, Joey, you promised to ………… on this one
.N5. Your essay’s too long – it needs ………… a little
.N6. By getting the design right, you can ………… accidents
.N7. Domestic violence seems to ………… most social divisions
.N8. Your name kept ………… in conversation
.N9. Hey, you guys, ………… – Mom’s trying to get some sleep
.N10. The new rules will ………… 25% of people who were previously eligible to vote



cut off / cut off / cut in on / cut me in on / cutting down / cut down on / cut across / cropping up / cut it out / cut out


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