Nouns warm-up – part 4

Nouns warm-up part 4

 Nouns warm-up – part 4

Look at each sentence below and decide whether the noun in CAPITAL LETTERS is countable or uncountable

.N1. The INFORMATION I received was completely wrong .N2. She didn’t take the doctor’s ADVICE and went on the holiday anyway .N3. We had lots of WORK to do yesterday so that’s why I missed the party ?N4. Would you like another SANDWICH .N5. It was the second TRIP she had made to the USA .N6. I love CHOCOLATE; I eat it all the time .N7. You can’t change the laws of PHYSICS .N8. The sports centre has got some new EQUIPMENT .N9. That RESTAURANT is excellent. I really recommend it ?N10. Did you see the amount of LUGGAGE that Peter took with him


: Answers

U/ U/ U/ C/ C/ U/ U/ U/ C/ U

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