Nouns warm-up – part 1

Nouns warm-up part 1

 Nouns warm-up – part 1

Everyday English nouns and their more formal equivalents

Which everyday English word means the same as the more formal noun in CAPITALS at the end of the sentence

go/ place/ answer/job/subject/sadness/hurry/way

N1. it’s your __________ – throw the dice. TURN

N2. We looked for a good __________ to put up our tent. LOCATION

N3. I asked his name but I didn’t hear the __________. REPLY

N4. Is it a long __________ to the beach ? DISTANCE

N5. My next __________ is to sweep the kitchen floor. TASK

N6. Her main feeling was __________ that it was over. SORROW

N7. In my __________ I forgot to close the door. HASTE

N8. Money was a __________ we never talked about. MATTER


: Answers

N1. go N2. place N3. answer N4. way N5. job N6. sadness N7. hurry N8. subject

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