Listening warm-up – part 35


Listening warm-up – part 35


.Listen to the recording and answer the questions below




.Correct the spelling of the underlined words

Being an actor must be N1. treag. I really wish I could act. I’d love to have the confidence to act in N2. tnfor of people. Being a member of the audience at the theatre is great, but acting on N3. tsage is better. I wonder what it’s like to be a movie actor. I think you need to be beautiful or N4. anshomed to be a successful Hollywood or Bollywood actor. They all look great. Actors are very N5. cuylk. They get paid huge N6. mtauosn of money to do what they love doing. My favourite actors are all dead now. I N7. lrlaye like the actors in the old N8. lkbac and white movies. They all looked so cool. Actors in the old days N9 seedme to be more N10. masogluro than today’s actors. The best thing about being an actor is that all of your friends are famous too




Listening warm-up – part 35
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