Listening warm-up – part 34


Listening warm-up – part 34


.Listen to the recording and answer the questions below




.Fill in the gaps with the appropriate words

I N1. ____________ how many accidents I’ve had in my life. I’ve had a few serious ones where I’ve ended up in N2. ____________. Traffic accidents are the worst. They’re always painful. I N3. ____________ had too many work-related accidents. I suppose that’s because I do N4. ____________ work and that’s not so dangerous. Most of my accidents are those around the house. I’ve lost count of the N5. ____________ of times I’ve hit my thumb with a hammer. I’m also really good at standing up and N6. ____________ my head on something. I’m not as bad as my friend N7. ____________. He’s a real accident looking for somewhere to happen. Almost every time we meet, he has some story to tell about his N8. __________ accident. He’s N9. ____________ unbelievable. I think I’d be very N10. ____________ if I were his mother




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