Listening warm-up – part 3

Listening warm-up part 3

Listening warm-up – part 3

Listening Computer viruses part 1 /multiple choice questions

به فایل مربوط به ویروسهای کامپیوتری گوش دهید و سوالات را پاسخ بدهید.


Questions 1-5

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C

? N1. What does the speaker compare a computer virus to

A – a biological organism B – a corrupt program C – an irritating person

N2. Core Wars was designed as

A – a model virus B – a form of amusement C – a low-cost program

N3. The speaker says that computer viruses are picked up because they can

A – infiltrate programs by themselves B – be sold with commercial software C – hide in unofficial software

? N4. What does the speaker find surprising

A – the rise in the number of software infections B – the determination of those who develop viruses C – the fact that people blame their own computers

N5. The worst aspect of a Trojan horse virus is its capacity to

A – delete all the files on your computer B – send illegal emails to all your correspondents C – perform operations in your name



N1. A N2. B N3. C N4. B N5. C

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