Listening warm-up – part 28

Listening warm-up part 28

Listening warm-up – part 28

.Listen to the recording and answer the questions below


Questions 1-10

.Complete the form below

.Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer

ClearPoint Telephone Company :Example
Customer Order Form
Ms. Jones Order taken by
_____________ .Harold N1 :Name
N2.________________  Fulton Avenue, apartment 12 :Address
_____________ .N3 :Type of service
Wrightsville Medical Group :Employer
_____________ .N4 :Occupation
_____________ .N5 :Work phone
_____________ .N6 :Time at current job
_____________ .N7._____________    N8 :Special services
_____________ .Day N9 _____________ .Time of the day N10 :Installation scheduled for


.Each question correctly answered scores 1 mark. Correct spelling is needed in all answers

N1.  Kramer N2.  58 N3.  Residential N4.  Office manager N5.  6375559014 N6.  Nine years N7.  Long distance N8.  Internet N9.  Friday N10.  Morning

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