Listening warm-up – part 26


Listening warm-up – part 26

.Listen to the recording and answer the questions below

Questions 11-15

.Complete the chart below. Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each answer

City Tours

Fare Information

 .__________________________$ .Adult All-Day Pass: N11

 .__________________________$ .Children ages 5-12 All-Day Pass: N12

Children under age 5: Free

:Starting point

Tour Bus office

:۱st stop

 .__________________________ .N13

:۲nd stop

Fishing Docks

:۳rd stop

 .__________________________ .N14

:۴th stop

Shopping District

:۵th stop

 .__________________________ .N15


Questions 16-20

Activity Place
Enjoy the N16._______  of the bay First stop
________ . Look at the N17 Second stop
N18.____________  fish Third stop
________ . Purchase N19 Fourth stop
________ . Visit the N20 Fifth stop




N11.  ۱۸
N12.  ۹
N13.  Hill Park
N14.  Bay bridge
N15.  Green street
N16.  View
N17.  Boats
N18.  Eat
N19.  Baskets
N20.  Theatre


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