Listening warm-up – part 23


Listening warm-up – part 23

.Listen to the recording and answer the questions below


Questions 31-40

Complete the timeline below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer

 __________________________ .A. 1832 – Alcott N31

 __________________________ .B. In her teens Alcott worked to N32

 __________________________ .C. At age 17 Alcott wrote her N33

 . D. N34.________________  Alcott enlisted as an army nurse

 . E. N35.________________  Alcott published her letters in a book called Hospital Sketches

 . F. N36.________________  Alcott returned from her trip to Europe

 . G. N37.________________  Alcott published Little Women

 . H. 1879 N38.________________  died

 . I. N39.________________  Alcott set up a home for her family in Boston

______________________ .J. 1888 – Alcott N40


Each question correctly answered scores 1 mark. Correct spelling is needed in all answers

N31.  Was born
N32.  Support her family
N33.  First novel
N34.  ۱۸۶۲
N35.  After the war
N36.  ۱۸۶۶
N37.  ۱۸۶۸
N38.  May / youngest sister / Alcott’s youngest sister
N39.  ۱۸۸۲
N40.  Died

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