Listening warm-up – part 15

Listening warm-up part 15

Listening warm-up – part 15

. Listen to the recording and answer the questions below


N1. The most widespread style of graffiti in Brazil is

A. anti-capitalistic and anti-war B. legalized C. dangerous and illegal

N2. The Brazilian graffiti is different from simply some scribbling on a wall because

A. it always lacks harmony B. it takes originality seriously C. it portrays skeletons

N3. The reporter in the centre of Sao Paulo mentions all of the following, EXCEPT

A. it’s Tuesday evening B. he’s approaching a huge loud group of people C. there are some police cars at the end of the street

N4. The group of people (mentioned by the reporter) know what the graffiti on the buildings says because

A. they know the language of the graffiti B. they wrote most of it C. they have lived in this area for a long time

N5. The more risky the process of graffiti tagging is, the more its artist is

A. searched by the police B. considered extravagant C. respected among other graffiti taggers



C / B / A / B / C

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