Language Activator – yourself/myself

Language Activator yourself/myself

Language Activator – yourself/myself

pronoun if you do something yourself, no-one else does it for you

. I made these curtains myself


adverb : if an important person does something personally, they do it, although you would normally expect someone else to do it for them

. The President wrote to us personally to thank us for our hard work

in person

adverb : if you do something in person, you do it by going somewhere yourself, rather than by asking someone else to do it

. My letters were all returned to me, so I decided to go around to her house in person

by hand

adverb : if you deliver a letter, parcel etc by hand, you deliver it yourself instead of posting it

.The letter had been delivered by hand, and was addressed to Mrs Zippie Isaacs



: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

N1. The Commander in Chief visited the island ———–, and took steps toward strengthening the defense facilities and fortification

. ————— N2. The prince was renowned for his bravery, and chose to lead his troops

? ————— N3. Why can’t your boyfriend cook lunch

! ————— N4. ‘Could you pass me that book?’ Get it


: Answers

Personally / in person / himself / yourself

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