Language Activator – Write


Language Activator – Write


: to write words or numbers

. By third grade they can all read and write pretty well

write on/in/at etc

. She quickly wrote the license plate number on her hand

write down something

. I wrote down all the things we have to do today

write something down

? Do you want me to write that down for you


: to write something

. I wrote to Marian, but I didn’t put anything about Bill being arrested

put something in/on/at etc

. Put your name at the top of each answer sheet

take notes

to write down short pieces of information about something, especially in order to remind yourself about what someone said or what was happening

? Did you take any notes at the lecture

make a note of something/note down something

: to write down information as soon as you get it, so that you will be able to use it later

? Did you make a note of the train times

note down something

. Taking out a pen, she noted down the phone number

note something down

. Colin noted everything down in a little black book

take down/get down

: to write down what someone says, at the same time as they are saying it

take down something/get down something

. A group of reporters was following the Senator, trying to get down every word he said

take something down/get something down

? Do you want me to take all this down

put something in writing

to give someone a written agreement, promise, offer etc in order to show them that you are serious about it

. Following an informal discussion, Chris decided to put her proposals in writing


: to write something using separate letters, in order to make your writing clearer

. Please print your name in block capitals


: the way someone writes with a pen, pencil etc

. I can barely read your writing
. The children spent hours practising their handwriting


: careless and untidy writing that is difficult to read

! What does it say? I can’t read your scrawl




: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

N1. At the bottom he ——– : with sincere love from your oldest friend

———— N2. Over 15 percent of adults have never learned to

N3.  Hang on, let me just get something to ————on

N4.  ——— your name at the top of the page

N5.  I read the first three chapters and ——–some notes

———— N6. A deal was made, but apparently nothing was ever put in

N7. OK, let me ——–a note of that before I forget it

? N8. Could I just ——–down your name and address

N9. Before he left, Mark ——–most of what she’d said down on paper

N10. I ———–down all the things we have to do today

? N11. Do you want me to ———–that down for you

N12. Just ——‘with love from Jason’ on the card

N13. Helga ——-her comments neatly in pencil



: Answers

Wrote / write / write / Write / took / writing / make / take / got / wrote / write / put / wrote

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