Language Activator – Work

Language Activator Work

Language Activator – Work

/ be in working order / go / run / be up and running / Operational / fully operational / On-stream / come on-stream / on-line

intransitive verb if a machine or piece of equipment works or is working, it can be used without any problems because there is nothing wrong with it

? Does the old tape recorder still work

be in working order

verb phrase if something is in working order, it is working well and safely, especially because it has been well-cared for

The mill was built in the 16th century and is still in working in good/perfect/top working order

go / run

intransitive verbto be working properly – use this especially about a car, clock, or watch

. I don’t mind what kind of car we rent as long as it runs

be up and running

verb phraseto be working well and without any problems – use this about computers or systems

As soon as the new computer system is up and running, we can transfer our records onto it


[adjectivea place, system, or large piece of machinery that is operational is working and ready to be used at any time

.At least eight countries are known to have operational nuclear weapons

fully operational

.The terminal is fully operational and airlines will begin using it next week


adjective not before nouna new system or large piece of machinery that is on-stream or on-line, is ready to be used – used especially in business

.All the oil refineries in the region are now back on-stream

come on-stream/on-line

.Another nuclear reactor is scheduled to come on-line in January

bring something on-stream/on-line

With so much money in grants, we need to start thinking now about the projects we want to bring on- stream



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

———–  N1.  We had to go to the laundromat because the washing-machine wasn’t

N2. The guns were all clean and in good ————- order

N3. As far as he could tell the engine was in perfect ———— order

—— N4. I dropped my watch, but it’s still

N5. The new hiring process should be —— and ——- by the end of the year

N6. We tested the cable and it seems to be ————- fine

N7. The new computers seem to ———- perfectly well, despite everyone’s worries


: Answers

Working Working Working Going up and running working work

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