Language Activator – Work for


Language Activator – Work for

work for/ be employed/ be on the payroll / be on the staff/ be with somebody

work for

(transitive verb not in passive)

:to do work for a person, company, or organization

.My Dad’s been working for IBM for over twenty years

work as something for

.Russell is working as a software developer for Microsoft

be employed

(verb phrase)

to work for a company or organization, especially when you have an official contract and a permanent job

be employed by

.She was the first woman pilot to be employed by a commercial airline

be employed in

The number of people employed in the construction industry has been falling for many years

be on the payroll

(verb phrase)

to officially work for a company or organization and to receive regular payments for your work

.Just before the company closed in 1968, there were 300 people on the payroll

be on the payroll of

.Ames exposed 34 intelligence agents on the payroll of the US or its allies

be on the staff

(verb phrase)

to be one of the people who work for a company or organization, especially when you have a permanent job there

.Police questioned everyone on the staff at the hotel

be on the staff of

.Valerie has been on the staff of the French Department at Reading University since 1992

be with somebody

(transitive verb)

:to work for a company, especially a large well-known one

.I used to be with the BBC, but then I got the chance of being a producer for Channel Four


(countable noun)

:the person, company, or organization that you work for

.She applied to her employer for a redundancy payment, but she was refused


:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. We will need a reference from your last ———–before we can send you a contract

.N2. I believe he’s ——–Random House now

.N3. How long have you worked —–Mr Jackson




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