Language Activator – voice


Language Activator – voice


(countable noun)

the sounds someone makes when they speak

.She has a very high, squeaky voice

.’I could hear Dan’s angry voice shouting ‘stupid idiot

.There was a note of irritation in her voice

.She was startled to hear voices coming from upstairs

in a loud/high/deep etc voice

.Sorry I’m late, she said, in a low voice


(countable/uncountable noun)

the way someone speaks, especially when this shows the way they feel

.He kept his tone formal

tone of

.I often detect a tone of regret in her voice

in an friendly/angry/embarrassed etc tone

.This is Julia, Jo said, in a friendly tone

.She was speaking in a rather irritated tone

in hushed tones


.Mary ushered her into the church, speaking in hushed tones

tone of voice

.She was almost hypnotised by his mellow tone of voice



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

 .————- N1. There was a note of irritation in her

 .————- N2. She was speaking in a rather irritated

.N3. She was startled to hear ————- coming from upstairs



Voice/ Tone/ voices

Language Activator – voice
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