Language Activator – visit

Language Activator visit

Language Activator – visit


(intransitive/transitive verb)

to go and spend time with someone, especially in their home

.I visit my grandparents at least once a month

.We won’t be that far away – you’ll be able to come and visit

go to see/go and see

(verb phrase)

spoken to visit someone

.I’m going to see my brother and his family tomorrow

.Better go and see your father tonight

go see

American spoken

.You really should go see Mattie some time

go over/go around/go round

(intransitive phrasal verb)

to visit someone at their house, especially if they live close to you

.I saw your Mum today, and I promised that we’d go round later

go over/go around/go round to

.Let’s get a bottle of wine and go over to Simon’s place

come over/come around/come round

(intransitive phrasal verb)

if someone comes over or comes round , they visit you at your house, especially if they live close to you

.I’ll come over at about 7 o’clock

pay a visit

(verb phrase)

to visit someone, especially for a particular reason

pay a visit to somebody

.Your hand looks very swollen, I think you should pay a visit to the doctor

pay somebody a visit

?Isn’t it time you paid your mother a visit

look up

(transitive phrasal verb)

to visit someone that you have not seen for a long time, while you are spending some time in the area where they live

look somebody up

.I’ll give you my address so you can look me up whenever you’re in London

look up somebody

.I looked up a few old friends while I was in Birmingham

descend on/upon

(transitive phrasal verb)

if a lot of people, especially members of your family, descend on you, all of them suddenly visit you at the same time

.Sorry for just descending on you like this, Pam — we had nowhere else to stay



:Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. Paul ————- her every day when she was in hospital

?N2. Why don’t you ————- and see your mother

.N3. The following week all my family ————- upon me

?N4. Why don’t you ————-round later and we’ll discuss it over dinner



Visited/ Go/ Descended upon/ Come round

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