Language Activator – Stupid

Language Activator Stupid

Language Activator – Stupid

اغلب دیکشنری ها لغاتی را مترادف یک لغت معرفی میکنند. اما آیا تمامی مترادفهای یک لغت صد در صد معنای همان لغت را القا میکنند؟ مسلماً خیر. در این بخش از آفرینش اکتیوتر لغات هم معنی و یا نزدیک به لغت stupid را بررسی خواهیم کرد. ابتدا جملات را خوانده و خودرا محک بزنید سپس برای دیدن نتایج و توضیح اینکه هر لغت در چه موقعیتی استفاده میشود به لینک زیر بروید



someone who is stupid or does stupid things does things that are not at all sensible and may have bad results

!You stupid boy! I’ve told you not to play with matches

!Withdraw the police from the area? I’ve never heard such a stupid idea

!Don’t you call me a stupid idiot

stupid to do something

!You’d have to be stupid not to take advantage of a great offer like this

do something stupid

.I was very drunk last night — I hope I didn’t do anything stupid

it is stupid (of somebody) to do something

.It was stupid of me to believe her of course, but I did

a stupid thing to say/do

.That was a stupid thing to say

.I didn’t say you were stupid, I said it was a stupid thing to do



.Stupidly, I agreed to lend him some money

.I’m sorry I reacted so stupidly



: especially American, spoken stupid

.She told him Jeff was just a friend, and he was dumb enough to believe her

.Oh, I just did the dumbest thing back there, I forgot my briefcase



someone who is silly or who says silly things does or says things that are not sensible or serious, and that may make them feel embarrassed later

.Now don’t be silly, get up off the floor

.You’ve made a lot of silly mistakes in this essay

.I have a question which might sound a bit silly

it is silly to do something

.I think you’re silly to worry so much about your hair

it is silly of somebody

.That was silly of me — I just locked the trunk and the keys are inside

silly little

a silly thing to do/say

.I had locked myself out, which was a silly thing to do



: British informal stupid in what you do or say, but often in a way that is also amusing

?Is this another of your daft ideas

.Don’t be daft! Of course, you’re not too old to go clubbing

?Well, what’s the daftest thing you’ve ever done at work

daft thing to do/say

.What a daft thing to say!daft as a brush used to say that someone is very daft



: formal stupid and not thinking sensibly about the possible results of what you do

.Jan realised later that her behaviour had been very foolish

it is foolish (of somebody) to do something

.It was a warning she would have been foolish to ignore



.I had just $7 left, and foolishly squandered $5 in the bar that night



formal an action or plan that is ill-advised is stupid because it will probably cause problems in the future or be unsuccessful

The bank claims that the company’s losses are the result of an ill-advised decision to declare bankruptcy



: done without thinking carefully enough about the possible disadvantages that may result

.She knew the marriage was unwise, but she wanted a husband and a family

.’A Defense Department spokesman described the comments as ‘extraordinarily unwise



.Perhaps unwisely, the President apologized for the tax raise



irrational actions, feelings, or beliefs are not based on clear thinking or sensible reasons, so they are strange or hard to understand

.Jane’s irrational hopes began to rise as she listened to him

irrational fear of/about something

.The man was causing a disturbance and acting irrationally



: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

daft / silly / stupid / ill-advised / foolish / irrational / unwise(2) / dumb

(N1. an ………………. fear of flying irrationally. (adverb .N2. His appointment as chief executive proved to be a very ………………. decision .N3. It’s ………………. to travel alone in certain parts of the city, so always take a cab .N4. In an ………………. effort to improve matters, they sent him to boarding school .N5. I think the board of directors made a ………………. choice that it will later regret .N6. She’s as ………………. as a brush, honestly she is .N7. You’re just a ………………. little boy .N8. She’s always asking such ………………. questions .N9. Well, if you’re ………………. enough to skate on the lake, you deserve to fall in



N1. Irrational N2. Unwise N3. unwise N4. ill-advised N5. foolish N6. Daft N7. Silly N8. dumb N9. stupid

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