Language Activator – Show off

Language Activator Show off

Language Activator – Show off

Show off/strut your stuff

show off

to keep doing things and saying things in order to show people how clever you are, how brave or strong you are etc – use this especially when you disapprove of this behaviour

!Billy, please stop showing off and sit down quietly

show off in front of somebody

show off to somebody


.We used to wear as much make-up as we dared, in order to show off to our friends

strut your stuff

informal to do something that you do well, usually in a way that shows you are proud of yourself

.He likes to strut his stuff on the stage in the annual Shakespeare production



: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

N1. We watched the sixteen year olds ……………their stuff on the dance floor N2. I think he was trying to ……….off in front of the girls N3. He doesn’t usually drive as fast as this. He’s just showing …………..because you’re here



Strutting/ show/ off

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