Language Activator – Place


Language Activator – Place

ااغلب دیکشنری ها لغاتی را مترادف یک لغت معرفی میکنند. اما آیا تمامی مترادفهای یک لغت صد در صد معنای همان لغت را القا میکنند؟ مسلماً خیر. در این بخش از آفرینش اکتیوتر لغات هم معنی و یا نزدیک به لغت place را بررسی خواهیم کرد. ابتدا جملات را خوانده و خودرا محک بزنید سپس برای دیدن نتایج و توضیح اینکه هر لغت در چه موقعیتی استفاده میشود به لینک زیر بروید


(countable noun)

.Plant the daisies in a sunny place

.a quiet, private place to read in

.Britain is one of the most highly populated places in the world

a place to sit/eat/sleep etc

.Sign your name on the list, and find yourself a place to sit

.I was looking for a place to park the car

place for

!This would be a great place for a party

right/wrong place

.Are you sure this is the right place? I don’t see Emma


(countable noun)

a place in which someone lives, something happens, or something is built – used especially in business, advertising, or in official contexts

.a new hotel in an attractive location

.The time, date, and location of the conference have not yet been announced

.Authorities say they have pinpointed the location of the sunken ship


(countable noun)

: a place, especially a pleasant place, where you spend time or live

.We camped in a pleasant, shady spot beside the river

There are bike trails to the highest spot on the island, which has magnificent views of San Francisco

.Put some of the hardier plants outdoors in a protected spot

spot for

holiday spot British /vacation spot American

.Las Vegas has a growing reputation as an entertainment and vacation spot


(countable noun)

a place where something such as a building exists now, is going to exist in the future, or where something existed in the past

.an important archaeological site

.The town has purchased a site on Villa Avenue for the new library

site of

.A home for the elderly will be built on the site of the old hospital

building site British /construction site American place where a new building is being built

.Green fences were put up around the construction site


(countable noun)

: a place for an arranged event or meeting, for example a sports or musical event

.The concert’s still on Saturday but the venue has been changed

venue for

.Ministers have not yet agreed on a venue for the next Conference on European Security

whereabouts  the place or area where someone or something is, especially when this is unknown or is being kept secret

somebody’s whereabouts

.Despite numerous searches and enquiries, her whereabouts are still unknown

whereabouts of

The police have appealed for information concerning the whereabouts of the stolen car used in the robbery


: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

Place / whereabouts / spot / place / venue

 ………………. N1. Keep your passport in a safe
N2. They tried to torture him into revealing the ………………. of the $90 million, but he didn’t know anything
N3. The restaurant is one of the few ………………. for jazz music in the area
N4. It looked like a perfect ………………. for a picnic
N5. Britain is one of the most highly populated ………………. in the world



Place / whereabouts / venues / spot / places


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