Language Activator – Outdoors


Language Activator – Outdoors

اغلب دیکشنری ها لغاتی را مترادف یک لغت معرفی میکنند. اما آیا تمامی مترادفهای یک لغت صد در صد معنای همان لغت را القا میکنند؟ مسلماً خیر. در این بخش از آفرینش اکتیوتر لغات هم معنی و یا نزدیک به لغت  Outdoors را بررسی خواهیم کرد. ابتدا جملات را خوانده و خودرا محک بزنید سپس برای دیدن نتایج و توضیح اینکه هر لغت در چه موقعیتی استفاده میشود به لینک زیر بروید



.When I woke up it was still dark outside



: out in/under/there etc

.We camped and slept out under the stars every night

?What’s that dog doing out there in our yard

outdoors/out of doors


not inside any buildings – use this especially to talk about pleasant or healthy things that you do outside

.Move the pots outdoors as soon as there is no more danger of frost

in the open air


: not inside a building, but outside where the air is fresh

.Mexicans traditionally dry chillies in the open air

out in the open air

.It was nice to be out in the open air after being stuck in the office all day



 : Fill in the blanks with appropriate words

.N1. We often eat ………… on summer evenings
.N2. Kids should spend as much time ………. of doors as possible
.N3. Parents stood ………. in the rain waiting to collect their children from school
? ………… N4. It’s such a nice day. Why don’t you play
.N5. ………………, joggers in shorts and t-shirts ran by



Outdoors/ out/ out/ outside/ Outside


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